Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yes, that's what you read, I will start the week talking about a shampoo specially developed for the mane of horses ...
But it is now also used by humans and is a true fever worldwide!

When I lived in Weston (Florida) with my family, all the friends of my sister used a shampoo called Mane 'n Tail and said he did the hair grow much faster!
Gave some research on the internet and saw several positive reviews, almost all confirming the history of our known. Was still a little suspicious, after all the time appears a miraculous product that turns fever and in the end is not all that talk ...

Another thing that made ​​me have a certain fear was that the shampoo has been made ​​to wash the mane of the horse.
The story is as follows: The owners of the horses realized that the shampoo Mane 'n Tail had left the manes of horses brighter, healthier and growing faster. Some began to use on their own hair and had these same results. Very strange, is not it?
I was on the back foot and decided not to test. But my sister and started wearing her hair really was bulkier and started to grow faster.
When you see the results with my own eyes, I was willing to try it ... But every time I read the instructions and I encountered the "you're a horse or a human?", I gave up.

Until I found my aunt at a party and realized that her hair was very different, much larger and fuller. Guess what! Yes, she was using Mane 'n Tail.
I decided to leave the insecurity aside and try this thing hahah! I started using recently and I want to tell you what I thought of this famous product!

If anyone is curious, can you find in any supermarket in the U.S. (Wal Mart, Target, etc.)! It's very cheap, about $ 6!
So, has anyone ever heard or has already tested? They were willing to try or do not feel safe going to shampoo the hair mane?